Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Good morning!

              Ah yes good morning!  It is a lovely morning here.  I've been sitting out on the front terrace in my undies drinking my coffee.  I love the early mornings.  I feels so good to just sit quietly and reflect on life and stuff. 
                I almost never get into posting about news and things of that nature.  But even though I truly do not understand why anyone would want to get is amazing that so many States now have legal same sex marriages now.   I never ever thought that would happen, not in my lifetime anyway.  It is a major victory for human rights.  Now any Queer that wants to can have the same legal rights that those STR8 people do.  The ironic thing to me is..... I do not know one married STR8 couple that is still married.  And Queer couples?   I know these two guys up north who had been together for 12 years.  When same sex marriage was made legal in NYC the tied the knot.  Now 3 years later, they are divorced.  WTF!  And the really ironic thing for me is ..I am in the Wedding business!
               Ok, enough of that.... even though I had some major sexing fun at that sex club.... I am ready for more....well it has been 4 days!  I have not had Marc in my mouth for quite awhile, so I called him and he is also in need of some fun.  So after work Da Dick O'Mine will be heading over to Marc's place for a good dose of cum before dinner.  Nothing like a mouth full of salty cum to make you feel alive! 


  1. in Italy we don't have any gay marriage law, and for me it's all right, because I don't look for any marriage!

    "Nothing like a mouth full of salty cum to make you feel alive!" well said, but let me add cum can be so sweet!

  2. I'm wondering: Is there a reason you must have undies on when you sit out on the balcony with your coffee in the morning? Why can't you sit out there naked?
    It is indeed wonderful that those who want to get married, can. I know gay couples who've been together for decades. Will they marry? Who knows? They've already done all the legal paperwork to protect their rights, but it cost them a pretty bundle of cash.
    Have a wonderful day!

  3. The stars and stripes make me want to give a full salute!

  4. Love the Stars and Stripes. Hmmm I believe Gay Marriage is an expected and a should be automatic right.

  5. #13 love him, more than stars & stripes!
    enjoy my last post:


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