Saturday, October 11, 2014

Get the Weekend Sex Started.

              Good morning!   It is a beautiful morning here.  I just got back from the beach where I did my morning practice and since it was so early I left my shorts on the sand and went for a naked swim.
              On the way back, I decided to start the weekend right by stopping by that neighbor guy who sucks.   I get to his place and he is already sucking on some middle aged guy. be a courteous person, I drop my shorts and just waited my turn.   This guy he was sucking did not even look over to see who came in..he was really enjoying getting head.  But I could see his Dick and a pair of monster balls!  I sat in on the other side of the room and watched as he shot his load and being the good sucker he is, neighbor guy swallowed it all.   Neighbor guy looked over at me and just said "NEXT"                   
             As the other guy was pulling on his undies he asked if I wanted to hook up some time.  He reached in his pocket and handed me his phone number, stuffed his still semi hard wet Dick in his undies and left.   Neighbor guy did his business on Da Dick O'Mine and with my cum dripping on his lips....he looked at me and smiled and said  "THAT'S 6 DICKS SO FAR THIS MORNING"



  1. go on eating dicks and swallowing cum!

  2. Da Dick and cuppa in color...awesome! Great post as always...just the right energy to greet the weekend! Good sexing to ya!

  3. What a great way to start your weekend.

  4. Scott said...

    I am a "cocksucker whore", and tonight is my night to howl.. I hope I can say "That's 6 so far... NEXT:):):) Have to admit I get more "straight" cock, the gf and the wives just don't wont the sausage in their mouths especially when it squirts out the "cream sauce" :)


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