Sunday, October 12, 2014

Saturday night Sexing & Sexing

             Good morning!  Welcome to another Sunday.  Welcome to my Queer world! Welcome to all my regular readers and all the new ones.  
              Damn! it is only 6:30 AM as I sit here and work on this post.  What the fuck am I doing awake at this early hour on a Sunday?  Well, I will tell you.... I just got home.  Yep.... your blogger was a major slut last night!  Well...major for someone my age anyway.  
            It all started when William called and told me he was heading out of town for a couple of days and would I show his new guy Joey some of the hot spots around town. ( remember Joey? the one with blue Pubic Hair?)  I jumped on his request!  And so, I played a sort of sexual tour guide of town.
           Of course we needed to start things off with a few drinks at this little bar where guys mostly my age hang out.  I wanted to show off this adorable guy!  We danced and got alll sweaty, It was not too long before Joey was shirtless and his jeans were riding so low that his Blue full pubic bush as exposed.  Even his Butt Crack Hair was Blue!   He was a total sensation with these old Queens.
          We headed out to another small dance club where Randy happened to be. He had his hand is some guy's shorts and was kissing his neck.  The four of us had another Vodka together and then Randy and Joey went to the restroom for...well I am sure that Randy got to taste Joey, because when they returned he had a major grin on his face.
          I then took Joey and his Blue Pubes to a secluded spot in the dunes where there is always sexing going on at 3AM.  Well, this is where I really got into it.  My Butt had 2 Dicks and my mouth got plenty of cum. And Joey?  I watched him take 2 Dicks in his Hole.  And around 4AM or so Randy showed up with the same guy from the club and I hungrily licked his Butt while Joey sucked on his Dick.
        The four of us stopped at a 24 hour place and had pancakes and sausages before each headed home.   Sucking and Fucking sure makes a slut hungry!
   I'm off to bed now.....I'm thinking I might even need a little more cum later today!


  1. you had such/k fun! thanks for your kind comments here
    and here

    you're always wellcum.
    now it's my tyme, I'm going to my sex club to be a iperslut, eating dicks and swallowing cum!

  2. Well, I'm up this early because I have to work... BOO! But Hubby and I did have a "fun" evening before we turned in.

    I guess I don't have to tell you to enjoy your weekend! ;-b


  3. Hello, all the best (^_^) Please visit me back!

  4. just to let you know: yesterday I fucked up, filed, sodomized a guy for 20 minutes. At the end he sucked off me and made ​​me cum. I plastered his face a huge facial, and he was still sucking off my dick!


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