Friday, November 21, 2014


                Good morning!  Ah Friday!  Are you like I am and get these wonderful thoughts in your head as to what is possible on any weekend?  What have you got planned for this weekend?
               If you go back and look at my past few seems that DICK is on my brain!  I will admit it..... I know I have been open about this ever since I started blogging years ago.   I LOVE DICK!   Ever since I was 13 and tasted my first Dick, I knew Dicks were my destiny.  And when the first time my young pink hole was opened and Gabe's hard Dick pushed in..... I knew I had found Heaven!   ( yes, I even remember his name) 
             Over the years I, like most Gay Guys, have had all varieties of Dicks to play with.  Way,way too many to even think of counting.  And still, even at this time in my life.... I get excited at the thought of the possibility of a new and wonderful Dick entering my life.  It is amazing how every single Dick is so different.  The size, the shape, the feel, the scent, the taste.... holy shit! I am sure you know exactly what I am talking about.  
           So.... my plans are to make sure I get to taste a new Dick or two this weekend...and you?


  1. I've got a busy weekend ahead of me. Not with a variety of new dick to play with, but busy none-the-less. Enjoy yours!

  2. Send the guy in the headliner photo my way...this weekend or any weekend!!! Mouthwatering for sure!!!

  3. You made me think of the first time I sucked an uncut cock. He was a hot Cuban and I loved it. His partner joined in too and I was in uncut cock heaven having both my holes filled. Then there was my first taste of black dick and I did go back many times. Variety IS the spice of life! Have a great weekend.


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