Saturday, November 22, 2014

Sucking joy!

            Good morning my friends!  Once again, thanks for taking the time to drop by.  I wanted to talk a little bit about Sucking Dicks this morning.  I am sure that will be ok with you.  I bring this up because a new young reader sent me an email and tells me that he has been out for only a couple of years and has mostly been topping and enjoying it.  But he said he really does not enjoy giving or recieving head!   Wow, I thought at I read his email.   Who the fuck does not enjoy a good blow job? 
          I find that very odd.....!   The best part of getting sucked on is that you do not have to do anything but enjoy the feeling.  And Sucking on a Dick has so many rewards.... the best being the great taste of cum.   Am I right or what?
          A couple of months ago.... Waiter Guy invited me to join him at a reunion party one of his old college rommies was having.  These friends of Waiter Guy were mostly Straight guys who enjoyed circle jerk and sucking parties while in college.  So I was realy up for it.   It turned out that of course I was the "old guy" there.  And to my delight....I was chosen to be the main sucker.  Yeah....this Old Queer got to suck on 6 hard slimy Dicks.  And had the immense pleasure of 5 totally different tasting loads of cum in my mouth.  One guy pulled out of my mouth before cummig.
      So...... I talked to Waiter Guy last night and told him I want a re do with his old buddies...Maybe tonight!


  1. such hot photos today! I also enjoy the taste of cum.

  2. Great photos as usual...and I have wondered....why is it called a 'blow job' which is totally incorrect....sucking is the way it is done!!! :-)

  3. I'm you on this one. I love sucking dick... "butt"I love eating ass as well. And I must admit I'm pretty skilled at both.

    Hubby has kept me around for 25 years... and it ain't because of my cookin'. ;-)

  4. Great photos. Nothing like a good blow job to start your day off right

  5. in my opinion, you shouldn't be wondered. In my case, I ADORE oral sex, made and received, but I don't like anal sex, and I don't let me be fucked. It can sound strange, but I'm this way... so I can imagine there're some people who don't enjoy blowjobs!

    happy sunGAY with my last post:

  6. Scott said...

    You lucky Bastard sucking all that cock:) I am definitely a "cocksucker" love it all, short, medium, large, thick, cut, uncut. Love licking a dudes balls, and my job is not complete unless I get the "nut":)



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