Sunday, November 23, 2014


             Good morning and happy Sunday to you!   It has been a wonderfully lazy morning here at Queer Heaven.  Randy spent the night & left early to head out for parts up north for the Holiday.  Before he walked out the door, he left a wonderful load of his cum down my chest and in my pubic hair.  I have not showered or dressed as yet.  I've just been enjoying the lingering scent of Randy on my naked body.  I can also still taste his delicious Dick on my tongue.  And my much used hole is still stinging a little from his Fat Dick.   Randy and I do not get to do the sexing thing all that often any more.... so when he called yesterday and told me he needed a good Fuck and I was the Ass he hole squeezed tight and in a moment was totally ready.
         It is so cool to have a good friend think of your Ass when they are super horney.  I don't know about you, but every time I open up and play bottom.... it is like the first time almost.  It feels so wonderfully amazing knowing that another guy's prize possession has chosen your Ass to get off in. 
       The rest of my day?   I think a good early afternoon martini is in order!  And I supose at some point I should go and wash off Randy's now dried cum.    Or maybe I might just jerk off in a while and add my cum to his.


  1. Excellent, hot post, QH! I'm sure I'll come back more than once! First shot is so accurately labeled...and followed by so many others (like the awesome guy lying on his side, undies up that hot ass crack) ...thanks! BTW, finally added you to my blog favorites, long overdue since this is definitely one of them! Enjoy the martini and have a great, well-sexed holiday!

  2. awesome post. Nothing like a good friend to think of you and his sexual needs

  3. No doubt what is on your mind...cock and ass...just look at the posting and then all the photos...some great examples of both there!!!

  4. sexual friend are the ideal ones!!!


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