Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Twos for Tuesday

              Good morning my friends!   Busy week for me at work.  We have an extremely large Wedding we are working on.  Lots of late nights ahead.  I'm not sure how much SEX I will get in this week!  And you do know that I like to keep Da Dick O'Mine happy!  He might have to settle for cumming only with the use of my hands.  And I suppose that after my fun adventure at the Turkish Baths on Sunday..he is quite satisfied..at least for awhile.
             Just a little observation about myself..... honestly, when I was a newbie Queer running around New York City, Sucking and Fucking every man in sight.... I never in a million years thought that at my age I would still be just as horney!  I suppose the old addage " the more you use it, the more you want to use it" Is quite true.   Is it ever possible to have enough Sex in your life.... I do not think so!

AN IMPORTANT NOTE..... It seems that Google is going to start censoring our blogs... read more about it over at my good buddy AOM's blog...


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  2. Hey buddy, I got the E-mail yesterday at 2 pm as did Big Whack Attack, Another Country, FlipFlops Boy - that I've chatted with. I saw on Blogger Buzz some comments from others discussing it as well. The E-mail includes a link to Blogger stating the new policy ( https://support.google.com/blogger/answer/6170671?p=policy_update&hl=en&rd=1 ) I don't know why you haven't got the E-mail yet. I was hoping it was some elaborate hoax, but from all I've seen, it appears to be real and the end of our blogs as public blogs. We can still maintain them if we go private. That would mean you'd have to extend invitations to others in order for them to have access to your blog. I'm not going that way - I don't want to have to figure out if everyone is old enough to be there. Tumblr has my naked pix. I may continue AOM as a Meditations/Music blog. We'll see. Anyway, that is what we got yesterday. It is a sad day.

  3. It's a sad, sad fucking day for Readers. They are the ones who are being denied free access... We can post anything (legal) that we like - but the casual porn surfer will not be able to access it.

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