Wednesday, February 25, 2015

What The Fuck!

           Hi guys!  I would say "Good Morning!" like I usually do...but I am not so sure it is a good morning.  Oh...don't get me wrong.... Da Dick O'Mine is happy and healthy!  It is, as you all know, Google making all these changes for us bloggers.  
        As of this morning I have not received the email explaining what they are doing.  But I can tell the Shit is hitting my blog as well!  And I sure don't like this Shit.  Our blogs are labeled  ADULT and what does that mean... it means there might be sexual content.  And how can you blog about sexual content without a few Dicks and Asses here and there?  
       I started blogging 5 years ago for the simple reason, I wanted to help younger guys understand that you can be happy and spiritual by having good man to man sex. And how to navigate yourself through a STR8 world.  And I do think I have done a pretty good job of that.
     Now.... I am not so sure if I will continue this blog.  If it needs to go private...I do not see the point.  How will I get the message out to the guys that have never read Queer Heaven.  I guess I could continue without any photos of guys Fucking or Sucking.....I just have not made my mind up as yet.
      OYE!  I think I need to go stick Da Dick O'Mine down the mouth of my Dick Sucking Neighbor!


  1. Hope you don't stop publishing. I've enjoyed reading your daily posts. I've read in a few other blogs that they are thinking about moving to Tumblr.


  3. I hope we'll all find a way to continue without readers being restricted from reading. It is so wrong...I'm still upset over this and torn over what to do...

  4. @ Fersen: are you sure wordpress or other platforms will accept gay erotic pics?
    for pics there's only tumblr! but unfortunately only blogspot give the most inteactivity with comments!
    @whkattk: I fear no way but restricted readers!!!

  5. Repent, the end is near! Ever so sorry for your blog, Michael. I'm afraid we'll both get the ax.
    Nefarious times we live in.
    Bigotry rules the world.

  6. I am upset over the upcoming change. I hope someone figures out another platform that we can move our blogs too and stay connected.

  7. Appreciate your thoughts....and you said it well. Il'm searching for a solution as well. Going "private" is the "easy" fix offered by Blogger, but really limits the potential for communicating....really misses the long of what a blog is about!

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