Thursday, March 19, 2015

One is never enough.

            I've waited long enough. 
 How long? 
 almost two years!  
Two years? Are you kidding me. 
 Yeah, he keeps telling me it will happen. 
 Sorry, but you are a fool. You have been fucking this guy for two years and he has not left his wife yet...he never will.
  Oh he will, I am sure. 
 If you are enjoying the Sex with him...that is fine...but listen..if you think you are going to get more..forget it. 
But he sais he loves me. 
 He loves your Dick up his ass that is all.  
 So what do I do? 
Just keep fucking him and don't ask for more.  
 In the mean time...
find another hairy Butt Hole to play with. One is never enough.   


  1. Let me clue this guy in: Yes, he loves you. He also loves his wife. He wants and needs both in his life - he just hasn't figured that out yet. Take what he can give and accept that. If you expect and/or need more from a relationship, as Michael says, find another dude and keep them both.

  2. Here! Hear! Agree with Whk. We meet people where they are and go from them. I hope all is well with you, buddy. Have a super day! Cheers, AOM

  3. One is never enough. so true!
    love your aussiebum!

  4. That relationship dynamic only works if the guy just enjoys the time with his married friend and tries not to expect anything more. I had a friend who was in a similar situation (although it was two gay partners and him) and the partnered guy kept stringing him along with the promise of leaving his partner for him. He became emotionally invested in the relationship and it never happened. I hope things work out better for your friend.


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