Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Twos for Tuesday

               He remembered everything..... even to the color of the underwear I was wearing that he stained with his cum.   He said he remembered that he was a little shocked that I had wanted to lick his hole and not his Dick.  But then he remembered lifting his leg onto the toilet seat and letting me push Da Dick O'Mine against his hole and sliding in.
            He remembered the song that was playing outside the restroom of the club. He remembered hearing two queens laughing on the other side of the stall door.  He remembered cumming,then needing to piss.  
            He remembered following Waiter Guy & me home.  He does not remember much else until he woke up on my bathroom floor with a very,very soar Butt Hole for the next three days.
           Yes...... Marc remembers the first of many, many sexual games we have played over the years.


Ok Horny guys, leaving a message lets me know what you think.
OH....Make sure you have had at least one good cum today!