Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sunday Sermon.....Sexing, Just for fun!

             Good Sunday morning!   I've been lounging here this morning, relishing how lucky that I am an out, open and totally sexually active Gay man.  I am sure I am no different than any guy...Gay or Str8... I love sex! I adore sex! I live for sex!  And there is nothing better than Sex just for fun.  
             There are way too many guys that equate sex with some deeper feelings.  Something that is only good if you are "in love" with the guy.  Well..... I will totally agree having sex with someone you really care about is amazing.  But that does not mean that Fucking a random unknown Butt Hole is less fun.
           So, that brings us to last night's 5th Annual Rentboi Party that my good friend hosted.   I know you were waiting for a recap. So, I need to figure out how to explain 4 hours of shear pleasure at an Ocean front condo in a short post this morning.    Here goes........
          When we arrived off his elevator to his floor...there was a basket to leave your cell phone outside.  Next to it in the enterence hall was a closet with clothes bags to leave your clothes. (William is so detail oriented...each bag had our names on it).  Boxer Shorts were all that was allowed in the apartment.
          This absolutely beautiful young Rentboi greeted us at the door wearing the tinniest pair of orange boxer shorts with this massive Treasure Trail and Pubic Bush peaking out over the waistband.  Oh... his nipples were surounded with  beautiful fur.   Bacon Burbon Cocktails were served  by a naked Rentboi, this one quite tall and also with an amazing Pubic Bush and a Cut Dick hanging between a pair of very muscular legs.   The other two Rentbois were circulating the room serving a variety of foods.  Each one as Trashly Beautiful as the other.  
      Tasting these Rentbois was encouraged by William's Blue Haired Boyfriend.  He kept telling  everyone to go a head and taste that dick!  And it was not too long before shorts were down and Dicks were getting hard.
     OK......... this is getting just to detailed and would take way to long to tell you everything.  But since you are here to read about MY encounters.... I will just say that Da Dick O'Mine did just fine. He had a real good time.  I even had one of the Rentboi's  Dicks in  my mouth then up my Butt before the evening was over.  I did let the Blue Haired boyfriend lick on my hole at the same time Marc was ramming his butt. 
  Well... you get the idea of what it was like.  By 11Pm, this one here was getting tired.... so I relaxed on the sofa with another Drink like the others and just watched  as three of the Rentbois began sexing with William's boyfriend in the center of the room.  It was uper hot!  There were Dildo's and other toys in play.  All of us were watching and jerking and cumming, when Chubby Guy got up and went to the center and sat on Blue Haired's Dick and bounced away until he came in one of the Rentboi's mouth.
  Ok..... if this does not convince you that Sex just for fun is not worth it.... I just don't know what to else say!



Ok Horny guys, leaving a message lets me know what you think.
OH....Make sure you have had at least one good cum today!