Monday, April 13, 2015

Mish-Mosh Monday

              Good morning guys!  Thank you so much for the emails over the weekend from some new readers.  It is always so heart warming to hear from you all.  All except one, that is..... he was saying that I do a major disservice to the Gay Community by advocating multiple sex partners.  I am not sure what Community he belongs to.... but the Community I belong to is all for having as much sex as is  humanly possible.  
             We all make choices in our lives... and I am not going to knock anyone's choices.  But lets be honest is just normal and natural for men to want to have sex as often as possible. Even those of you who are in a one to one relationship....I am sure you want to have lots of sex.  And if you are honest with yourself, you most likely think about sexing some other guy besides your partner.
          Anyway.....I have learned over the years  to be totally true to myself and that least for me...the more Dicks the better!!!!


  1. Well, most likely, the guy belongs to the contingency that wants the LGBTQ community to appear the same as everyone else: monogamous and married. Which is fine if that's what he wants, he should have it. But to attempt to pigeon-hole everyone else is not fine.
    You are correct. Men are hard-wired to have as much sex as possible. If that is with one partner, that is the choice they make (mainly because it's what society has forced upon them), but multiple partners is what we're actually programmed for.

  2. I share with you the same opinion, or point of view! for me sex is the best activity of my life, sure the most full of pleasure and fun. And i'm not hidding that. There are a lot of straight men who share the same point of view!!!

  3. Different strokes for different folks - I agree with brother Whk. Live and let live and apprciate our differences. Wishing you a great day, buddy. Cheers, AOM


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