Wednesday, April 8, 2015

What gets you hard?

               First things first, the photo above I swipped from a wonderful long time blogger 
 at Flip Flops.  I always love his posts and specially when he does one on trashy guys..!  For some reason the Dick on this guy just really got me to start pre cumming when I saw it.  Possibly because it really reminds me of a Dick I have had both in my mouth and in my ass many times.  Now you have an idea of what Waiter Guy has hanging between his legs.
               So....... what shall we chat about this morning?  Beautiful Dicks? Lucious furry Butt holes?  Wonderful full Pubic bushes? How about the spot just between his Balls and his Hole?  Oh yes, what about the scent of sweaty underarms?  Or maybe, just maybe a conversation about shoving long fat things up your Butt?  How about a nice warm stream of Piss running down your chest?  Or should we concentrate on the many tastes of Cum?  
           A hard choice!  There are so many extraordinary parts of man, so many things we can do with them.  What a joy it is to be a guy who loves guy parts!  And when you are open and free and totally let yourself go.... you can and should enjoy all of the above. Of course we all have our preferences. We all do get turned on in different ways.  Me? must know by is for sure Da Dick!
           So....what turns you on?  What keeps you happy?  


  1. Great question! A nice bulge showing in tight jeans gets me every ttime.

  2. A nice big bulge in the jeans...A hardening cock at the gym...And definitely seeing a guy jacking off in slow loving strokes, taking his time, relishing the sensations in his cock.

  3. a nice face with a great tongue able to suck and milk my dick! I ADORE oral sex, and I'm so versatile!

    1. I'm versatile only orally, because I fuck only as a top. I'm feeling better, after my illness of my sad Easter, and I can't wait for my SunGAY orgia!!!

  4. Delicious set start to finish! Love the first one (thanks, FFB)! Hot ass in snug jeans works well for me...and of course complying with the statement on the last image!


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