Thursday, June 18, 2015

Late night bike ride.

               His Pubic hair was wet with sweat.  His under arms were dripping.  His Nipples were hard. His shorts were down.   His Dick was at full erection as he stood at the public urinal.  I could smell his scent as soon as I entered.  The guy at the next urinal was watching him as he took his leak.  He finished and turned as he shook that Dick of his.   My mouth was on that piss tasting sweaty Dick of his. The other guy was rubbing his Dick as I sucked.  He jerked, he shook, he let loose deep in my throat.  The other guy came on the floor. .............. just another evening bike ride here at the beach! 


  1. LOL. In all my travels, no matter how I've wished I would stumble upon a scene like that... It's never happened. Damn.

  2. That dick could be the dick of the month! wowza!

  3. I love to read your wanderings.

  4. enjoy my last post:


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