Wednesday, June 10, 2015

More Dicks & Asses today

                 Good morning!  Let me take a second to thank you for dropping by today. I hope that you have your Dick in your hand and are making him happy.
         It does not take to much to make Da Dick happy does it?  A little rub, a little spit, a little squeeze of the Balls. He stands erect and lets you know he is happy.  He also gets very happy when you slide him into a hot wet mouth. All sloppy and dripping. Yep he is happy. And for Da Dick O'Mine the most joy comes from the amazing feeling of being deep inside of some tight beautiful and firm Butt Hole.
         I've been doing this Fucking Stuff for longer than some of my readers age.... yes I've been around awhile!  But even after all those many,many Butt Holes... I still get a thrill and I often say to myself while doing the deed... how lucky I am to be born a guy who likes sexing with other guys.
Nothing against women at all... but I do not see how anything could be better than the feel of  Da Dick in Da Butt.  FUCK YES!


  1. wish I had your hard cock fucking me

  2. #4 and #11 are by far my faves from this post! If you know them, I'd love to shoot them!


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