Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Twos for Tuesday

             Good morning my friends!  Wow...My in box was full of emails!  Thank  you all for all the kind words about this little blog.  If you did not get a reply from me...you will!  
             Well...... the boss is out of town for 10 days, so I will be busy.  We have a big wedding 2 days after he returns.  Ok... I'm going to be a little snarky here....I've been in the flower business for years...why is it that the cutest grooms seem to always have the.... well....lets just say..not the cutest brides?  It always amazes me!  The groom for this  wedding is a total hunk. He could be a model, and from the package in his jeans, probably an underwear model at that.  And his bride?  I will just be kind and say she is rather short and dumpy!
         I guess you just never know what attracts two people.  Well... you can see in today's photos what attracts these buddies.  So..... I was wondering...what attracts you?


  1. Oh that's a loaded question !! There is so much !

    I think first off his face. He doesn't have to have an incredible body but there has to be something in his face. Whether he has beautiful eyes, sexy stubble, whatever. Its got to be something about his face that I'm a attracted to.

    A lot of my friends ask what the hell do I see in some of the guys I'm attracted in. They just don't see what I see. I ran into this porn star that I thought was hot at one time. He was very stuck on himself and arrogant. I found him to be hell of ugly after that. Take this as an example: A guy who is average, maybe even below average, but with JUST enough attractiveness for me to think about taking another look offers himself to me and he presents himself as a gentleman. Another guy who is a wet dream come true tells me he wants me yet doesn't have much personality and has the typical pretty boy attitude. I would without a doubt pick the below average guy. Because i know I would have so much more fun with him.

    Pretty may look better but doesn't always feel better. A large portion of those pretty boys aren't good in bed anyway. trust me on that one.

    The Male Casting Couch

  2. #5 looks like it's a bit more than a mouthful! Lucky guys!

  3. I feel so deeply attracted to men, sex and sex with men! that's all! believe me!

  4. A nice smile is the sexiest part of a man's body!


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