Saturday, July 18, 2015

A Bunch of Beautiful Butts.

           Happy Saturday my friends!  What can I say?....... 
I'm in a real Butt loving mood this morning!
Furry or Smooth.... Dry or slightly wet......Large or small...... 
A  Hole worth eating!  A Hole worth tasting! A Hole all pink and tight.... A Hole that will take your probing finger or two.  
 A firm Butt you can rest you head on.... A round Butt that fills your every dream.  An Ass that always is ready........An Ass that is lubed and waiting...... An Ass that needs no prompting.   An Ass that takes your Dick without a whimper.  
 A Hole that knows how to tighten around your Dick.   A Butt that sighs as you pull out and remove your condom.  An Ass that is covered with your Cum.  
          The taste of your own Cum mixed with the taste of his Hole...priceless!

               And this evening.......4 Lovely Asses to play with!  I know Marc is am I!


  1. A beautiful collection! Concur with approval on #1! 8 is so cute, and spreads so invitingly! Great post!


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