Sunday, July 19, 2015


              Hello my friends!  Well.... I am sitting here with a very Hard Dick!  Yes... he is exited!
This post I am writing on Saturday afternoon and am scheduling it for you on Sunday.
Why is Da Dick O'Mine so excited?  Well...if you have been reading my posts lately, then you know that my dear, sweet and very tasty friend Marc is leaving town. And this evening I am hosting a farewell party for him. Marc chose 3 other friends to be part of this.  We are having dinner at his favorite Italian Cafe then off to an Ocean front hotel suite for free evening of  what ever type of sex Marc wants to get into. He can Fuck or be Fucked by each of us.  


  1. That's a nice, interesting fantasy. :)

  2. hope you're enjoying

    just to let you know

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