Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A little bit of Trash

    Hi guys!  Good morning!  I just got back from an early morning swim and quick jerk off on the beach.  Damn, I love cumming on the beach early in the morning.  I had stopped in the public restroom before my swim to see if there might be any Dicks hanging out there...but nope.  So, like I said I took care of it myself.
   A couple of new readers asked me  if I really felt good about all the random sexing that me and my buddies do.  How do I answer that?  All I can say is that random sexual encounters work for me.I know they are not for everyone. And of course that is their choice.  But, but I sort of get mad when guys think  less of me or someone like me because I do all these slutty things sometimes. Well... all I can say is It has worked for me since I was 15 and as long as my Dick is willing there is no reason to stop.
   I often think that the guys who find my style of multiple and often random sexing partners wrong...are the ones that are really just to inhibited to let loose and have some extra fun.
  So, tell me do you feel about random slutty sexual encounters?


  1. Your blog is amazing! Thanks for sharing all your fun. And I agree being slutty is good sometimes.

  2. I don't think of myself as slutty. But I do enjoy a random fuck once in awhile.

  3. Well, we men DO like variety...and our libidos are such that we're horny pretty much all of the time, so why not? I used to go to the bathhouse often. Between that and the Jack Off Cub, I always got plenty of different guys to play with and I loved it!!

  4. By some peoples standards I am slutty, but I enjoy different partners, and see nothing wrong with it

  5. Not a smoker, not into guys who smoke.
    Sometimes, I do put this rule of mine aside...
    In some special cases. :)

    1. but those guys are so sexy! even if they smoke


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