Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Twos for Tuesday

                  Good morning my horny friends!  Lets keep the game rolling... what game?  The game of enjoying sexing as often as possible.  You know that if you had the chance and if you had the partner you would be sexing a few times a day.  Admit it!  But for some reason too many gay guys find so many excuses not to get involved the this sexing game.  
                I understand that sexing for me is quite a lot easier in that I live in a VERY GAY beach town.  But my friends..no matter where you live or how old  you might be...there is always another guy who is feeling the same way you do..... so...get your self together.... get your Dick all primed... get out there and get sexing!  
              Even if it is  no more that rubbing a good friend's Dick for him.  Maybe your brother-in-law needs to have his Dick sucked..go a head do it.  Maybe that guy that sits at the desk next to you could use his Butt Hole licked?  Do you have a neighbor who is always complaining that his wife does not want to have sex?  Well....tell him you will be glad to help him out.
            Ok...some of these are things that most of you would not do....(I would)..I am just saying, if you really want to get sexing you will find a way.


  1. Well, of course we want sex as much as possible - we're horny all the time! That's why - when we don't have anyone to hook up with - we jack off. LOL.

  2. Maybe I need to move to a beach town. I doubt if the guy at the desk next to me would let me lick his ass.

  3. Such beautiful twos! Love the first one! Great set!


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