Thursday, July 30, 2015

Asses & more Asses

       Good morning all!   As always I am so glad to see you here.  And glad that you have taken the time to stop for a short chat.  As you can tell from my post title and the photos I have chosen for today...I am still in a very Ass mood.  It is hard not to be.  I  just adore a beautiful Ass.  I even sometimes hang out at one of the public restrooms, just to watch for Asses.  Like any parts of the male body they come in so many shapes and sizes. And over the years that I have been trolling the world of Gay Sex....I sure have seen and tasted and felt and fucked my fair share. 
    I do have my favorite type though... Round, Firm, slight Fur on the Cheeks and some dark curly Hair around a tight hole. *Note to you guys.... please do  not shave your HOLE*
   So.... while I am getting my plans for this weekend together to find a good Butt or two...what type of Ass do you prefer?


  1. Tight buns - dancer's buns...

  2. Just like you, I like a firm tight one with some fur around the hole.

  3. Love the hot butts! To answer your question, smooth and firm...#7 looks made to order!

  4. Not that into butts but this is a great megapost, love the soldier, of cours!!


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