Friday, July 31, 2015

Underwear Friday

          Good morning all!  Well...lets see.... What is going on here at the world of Queer Heaven?
  Like any good self respecting Queer....I am horny!  It has been a couple of days since I had a good Dick or Butt.  So, you can guess what I am wanting this weekend.  Waiter Guy is out of town.  Randy is heavy with a new boyfriend.  And my Chubby Friend has the flu!  
        I was thinking of going to the Turkish Baths tomorrow, when I get an email from a friend.  He is having an Underwear Party Tomorrow and invited me to join and spend the weekend.  He lives about 3 hours away in a very remote part of Florida.  He lives on 5 acres of mostly woods and streams. And he has a beautiful log cabin type home.   The 6 guys that he has invited are all in their 40's & 50's.
But he told me there is one 25year old he paid for to be our party favor.  It should be tons of fun! 
       I will definitely let you all know all the details!  I hope you are planning on doing some good sexing over the weekend.   What are your plans?  Let all the Queer Heaven Readers know!


  1. " 25year old he paid for to be our party favor."
    That really does sound like fun!

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  3. I also enjoy underwear parties. You look quite sexy in the pair you have on in today's photo.

  4. Try to snap a photo of Mr. Party Favor! LOL!

  5. The hunk before the DJ-looking one. <3


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