Monday, August 17, 2015

Old tricks....

                 Good morning my dear friends!   I hope you had a spectacular weekend.  I hope you took the time to have some really good sexing!  Maybe a little Sucking? Maybe a little Fucking? Maybe you opened your Hole for a new Dick? Maybe you tried a new position?   
                Well..this old Queer did all of the above!   I took my new Dick Friend with me to meet my NYC friend that was in town for a short visit.   We met at his hotel pool and to my delight and surprise,he had picked up a dude the evening before and he was lying there in all his speedo glory!
Needless to say.....I knew this was going to be a really fun afternoon. 
                After a few bloodymarys by the pool....we 4 were all in my friend's hotel room naked and hard.  There were way too many sexual combinations to go into here.  But I know you all have great I am sure you get the picture.  The one really new thing that I did was to let my friend's Dude stick his Dick up my ass and then let go a long full load of Piss.  Wow! Did that eve fill me up and really felt good!  I can not believe that in all my man,many years of sexing I had never tied that! It was totally awesome!  I can not describe the feeling.  I know this would not interest some of you....but if you ever have the should try it at least once.


  1. Well, YOU certainly had a great weekend! LOL. Good to hear...

  2. Beautiful buttocks ready for rimming and penetration...Well yes this last Saturday i was penetrated deeply by a big hard cut dick;it was delicious! I layeed on my stomach, so he was over me and whe totally inside after much pouncing, I told him to carefully spread his legs as I joined mine;that enclosed with pressure on all sides is hard cock and I felt its contours as I hhad never before, at he same time he had his dick encclosedand we both explodedi endless orgasms!

  3. I ent you the last comment on how i was penetrated on Saturday,well,what helped it I am young and have well rounded butts and those iin yor pics!

  4. glad you enjoyed your weekend so deeply!ù

    just to let you know


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