Saturday, August 15, 2015


            Ok guys.........Grab your Dick and get him hard.  Keep him hard the entire weekend.  I really think that is what you need to do.  At least that is what I am going to let Da Dick O'Mine do.  
but first.....let me clear something up.  There is a reader who keeps asking me about my preference for Cut Dicks.   what can I say?  I just really prefer them to the uncut ones.  And the few times that I have encounterd an uncut Dick....I have not turned it away.   I would never turn away a Dick!!  I will totally admit that I really don't find foreskin very sexy or erotic.... that is just me.... And for sure that is nothing against any of you who are uncut.  
       Ok......It is time for  me to get ready to go visit my NYC friend at his hotel.  My new Dick Friend is going to meet us there at the pool later. And I am sure that my friend will totally enjoy meeting and sexing with this new wonderful and extremely tasty Dick. 
      I can't wait to see this NYC friend.  We had such great times when we were in our 20's.  Damn! were were such sex sluts back then. I remember one time we brought 5 guys back to our little flat and let them do anything sexual to us that they wanted to. 
     So......most likely there will not be a post Sunday.... I am sure I will be too busy licking up lots of tasty Cum.


  1. I also prefer cut dicks. for some reason they tend to be cleaner and taste better.

  2. As the owner of an uncut dick, I am fine with you stating a preference of enjoying cut dicks more. I did not find that offensive. Everyone has preferences. Have fun with your buddies and share all of the juicy details when you can.

  3. The problem you have is you have n't known enongh uncircumcised dicka to know the sex pleasure those entice, thru foreskin and frenulum.You cannot travel to any European or Latin American country,or most Asian ones cuz allmales are uncircumcised....and you will miss a lot!


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