Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sunday's Sermon...........Being honest....

               Good morning my dear friends. is Sunday and I have something on my mind.  No, itis not My dick on my mind.... he is extremely happy.  He had amazing fun yesterday as he and Waiter Guy's Dick got to sample a couple of really trashy Butt Holes.
             No what is on my mind is Honesty.  The kind of honesty we levy on ourselves.  I gather from my buddies and others that I have been sexing with...that often most of us are not really honest with ourselves. I am talking about being honest about sexing.  And being honest with our sexing partners.
         Here is an example of what I am talking about..... there is an Adult store in my neighborhood that still has those old fashioned private booths.   Sometimes, just for the fun of it I will stop buy for a quick blow job.  Often there is this guy there willing to do anything you want.  Ok....I love those kind of guys.... and do take advantage of him once in awhile.  Ok....that is not the problem....I know for a fact that he has a live in boyfriend..and this boyfriend thinks that their relationship is totally monamagus.  ( I know this because the boyfriend and I have business together and we talk)  It is not my place to say anything about the cheating boyfriend.  What goes on between them is up to them.
      So....I wonder why guys just cant be honest with each other.... If you know that you are unable to be totally monogamous .... then why for god's sake do you pretend to be so.  Be honest and let your partner know.  If he is not cool with it...then maybe he is not the guy for you.
     It has been clear to me for many,many years that men just are not wired to be only with one Dick for ever.  Let me know what you think!


  1. Hey buddy! Yes, good morning. :)
    Sure thing, honesty is really important.

  2. Honesty is Very important. If we can't be honest with ourselves how in the hell can we be honest with others

  3. I agree that it would be better to go into a relationship stating that it will not be a monogamous one and be real about it than to pretend it is when it isn't. It will only lead to hurt and anger when the truth comes out.

  4. I fully understand the straight, married dudes who would not be up front...but, gay guys...that surprises me. They are in the perfect situation to be understood about being horny and wanting variety - the male brain is wired that way and, as men, they should fully understand and embrace it.

  5. Da Dick of the Day is gorgeous;good for blowjobs;big head.Good for penetration too;that head inside WOW!!!


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