Saturday, August 22, 2015

Fill the hole!

           Good morning and happy Saturday to all of you!   I was sitting here at the computer rubbing on my Balls trying to decide what to post about and looking for photos when I get a phone call.
It was Waiter Guy.... he was super horny..he wants to go out and play Top today.  He is going to that sleazy 24 hour bar and look for some trashy young Asses.  He wants me to join him in the search.  
           Well...when Da Dick O'Mine heard the words "trashy young Asses"  he popped up to full attention.   Of course I told him I was in.  The other day I played Bottom all day and had lots of QH will be super Top!   And Trashy Young Asses are among some of my favorite. 
          You do know who I am talking about.  These young guys who do not shave their pubic or asshole hair.  These young guys who play straight with their friends. These young guys who really get off opening up their holes for anyone and anything.  They look trashy, they smell trashy and often taste trashy.  Yep........... gonna be a good day for Da Dick O'Mine!!!!


  1. Holy Fuck! Great ass photos. I love your blog so much.

  2. Love the images! Have a great time filling sweet, trashy holes!

  3. Great photos. Have a great time filling the holes

  4. Cannot wait to hear how it goes. Happy topping!

  5. Do you use condoms for filling the holes? What kind of resisting condoms?

  6. I use to shave my pubis! I can enjoy better the tongue of rimmers and suckers!

  7. How many asses did you penetrate today? And when you are bottom, do you prefer cut or uncut dicks'??


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OH....Make sure you have had at least one good cum today!