Friday, August 21, 2015

Happy Sexy Friday!

            Good morning everyone!  Thank you so much for stopping by this morning. And thanks for all the great comments and emails lately.  I hope that all of you are making sure that you keep that Dick of yours happy  I gather from a couple of emails, this whole thing of sexing with guys is new .  So..if you are new to the homosexual game, two things to remember....ALWAYS play safe, and do not limit yourself to just one guy.  There are way too many Dicks and Asses out there to settle for just one when you are just beginning.  In my opinion there is nothing more stupid than to "fall in love" with the first Dick that makes you happy. And it really is your  Dick that is the most important part of any decision you make.  Follow what your Dick tells you.... listen to what he says.  You know that your Dick talks to you all day long.  So.... keep him happy and let him Cum a few times this weekend.


  1. This weekend. try to finf the intact,uncircumcised dick.For t startig fromta blowjob,fantastic! You ccna use your lips and tongue toplay with foreskin inside your mouth;waves and waves of pleasure! You can masturbate that dick,and learn how to slide forekin back and forth with no lubes;sometimes you can do that,startng from the base of te shaft!

  2. Dedicte this weekend to beautiful bubble-butt buttocks, as is suggested by the photos posted today,Penetrate them deep, deeper, deepest until the guy moans and shouts out of unbearable pleasure!

  3. By all means keep the dick happy... Why else has dick been nick-named "Mr. Happy"?

  4. For this weekend's full enjoyment,do not forget to have your stock of condoms!

  5. Always look forward to hearing about your weekend adventures! Have a great and sex filled weekend!


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