Thursday, August 20, 2015


He is tall, he is thin, he is smooth, he is hung.
   He is sweet, he is funny, he is not new at this. 
 His Dick is long. His Dick is cut. His Dick is slightly red. 
 His Balls hang low. His Balls are large. His Balls are a mouthful. 
 His Dick was soft when he arrived. 
 His Dick was wet with sweat when he arrived. 
His Dick tasted like a salty slice of bacon. 
 We sat fully naked facing eachother for a full hour not speaking, just meditating on eachother. 
 I gazed into his eyes and saw an old soul. I listened to his breathing and could hear his reality. 
 At that Moment of Zen,when we both were Hard, I licked his face. 
 It was time.... it was what needed to be done.... His delightfully delicious Dick was in and out of my more than ready hole all day long yesterday.................PERFECTION!!!


  1. OMG!! This is really a HOT post!

  2. As John Stewart would say: "Here's your moment of Zen." :-)

  3. Awesome cock with frenulum,he is uncut, aand his balls have a well-,arjed raphe which is unusual but sexual!

  4. Sounds like quite the connection leading up to the action. Loved it!

  5. glad you enjoyed sex & zen! (or throught zen)


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