Saturday, September 26, 2015

Another Happy Day.

            Wel,well, well........... thanks for the birthday wishes and emails!  I really had a great time.  
I thought all the celebrations were over..but I was wrong... really wrong.  Surfer Dude called and let me know he was leaving town in a few days and he wanted to meet up. 
          Well.... there was no way I was not going to meet with this extremely sexy Dude.  He has been staying in a Hostel here and wanted to meet for a beer near there.  So, yesterday afte work, I biked over there and sat on a stool and waited.  Holy Fuckin' Fuck!  He walks around the corner sort of still wet from his latest swim in an old Speedo.  His long hair was dripping and his slightly furry chest was glistening.  His nipples were standing at attention.  And that Beautiful massive Pubic Bush was peaking out over the top of that pair of Speedos.
        He wanted to shower....I wanted to lick on his Butt Hole before the shower.  (Ok... this next part might not be to each of your liking,but I tell it like it is.)  We are in his room and down come those Speedos and out bounces his Dick..he bends over and I beging to lick on that hole.... He had recently taken a dump and he tasted wonderful & smokey. 
     He shoves his ocean salty Dick in my mouth and in less than 4 licks he Cums!  I mean... never had any guy Cum so fast.  I lick him up and we head to the shower.... Damn..he is hard again and I slip a condom on his super fat Dick and in he goes.  When he is ready to Cum he pulls out and off comes the condom and he is in my mouth and this old Queer is on his knees and enjoying every single drop. 
   He checks out of the Hostel and comes back to my place for the night.  And another round of Fucking and Sucking.
    This morning as I type bed is soaked with cum and ass is slightly red and soar.  But Damn!  This old guy here is super happy!   You all know that I like to keep something to remember these guys... I have his soiled jock strap!


  1. very happy you had a great time!
    Happy saturGay and SunGay

  2. Looks like you had a fun time!! :)


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