Friday, September 25, 2015

Birthday Recap.

                Good morning and happy Friday!  Thanks for dropping by today.  Ok, I know you are waiting to hear what happened at my Birthday Dinner.  Well...not exactly what I expected!  
                 It was a beautiful Miami Beach evening.  We sat outside at my favorite Italian Cafe.  I had talked to the owner, who I have known for years, and pre ordered a full 4 course meal for us. Starting with a hugh platter of Fried Calamari and glasses of Compari and soda.  
               There was Randy...looking sexy in his deep blue jeans.  Waiter Guy was wearing a bright white tee shirt and a pair of white slacks (his crotch looked mighty full).  Aldo had on his usual all black outfit.  The Chub was cute as a button in cargo shorts and tank top.  William's Blue haired twink arrived last with his Dick almost in total full sight through those silky pants he had on.
              Dinner was great..... after almost 2 hours and tons of pasta and 4 bottles of wine.....It was decided we would go dancing..and by closing time of 5AM..I was all sweaty and ready for some Cum!!!  We all walked arm in arm to Randy's flat which is just around the corner of the club.  We no sooner get in the door when I am pushed on the floor and my clothes are off.  As I laid there... they all began to jerk on their Dicks.  What a sight....!  One by one and almost at the exact time each one of these good friends leaned in and gave me their Birthday gift of yummy Cum. My mouth was so full! And the taste of the mixture of their Cum..... Heaven!!


  1. Well, not exactly as planned - but all in all it sounds like you enjoyed yourself! And they enjoyed themselves, too. Happy birthday, Michael - and many, many more to come.

  2. Sounds like blew their candles! LOL! Glad you had a great birthday!

  3. Sounds like a good birthday! :)


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