Thursday, September 24, 2015

Getting ready for my Birthday Dinner

                   Hello my friends!  Well it is Wednesday evening here. I have scheduled this post to show up on Thursday morning.  I am doing so because I am sure that I will be in no shape to writ a post in the morning!    I just showered and washed my balls good. And made sure that my insides are clean and ready for a Dick or two. I even have a brand new pair of  underwear for tonight...( in  my picture)
                 Who would have thought that after all these years of Sucking and Fucking...I would still get excited about an evening of food, drinks and sexing.  And to know that my 4 best buddies will be celebrating along with me...makes it even better. After Dinner we are heading to a Sec Club for what else but more drinks and Sex.  It is really cool, because I know exactly what each of them will most likely do with me.   And as the Birthday Queer...I will let them do whatever they want to.    

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  1. Happy birthday! No will celebrate it well! Really like those hot new undies...and da dick that goes with!


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