Wednesday, September 23, 2015

It is my Birthday today.

            There are days that we keep special for ourselves.  Those days when we sit back and reflect on our lives.  One such day is today for me.  It is my Birthday today!  I won't mention my age..lets just say I am an older Queer.  Older than most of you most likely.  If you have been reading my post for any length of time you know how much I love my life.  And of course how thankful that my time here on earth this time has been spent as a very active Gay Man.  I can't imagine any life being more wonderful.  I would not change a thing.  No regrets! No guilt! No going back!  
          You might think that at my age the Sex thing would slow down.  But just the opposite.  Even though I have been Sucking Dicks since I was 13..I am as horney as ever.  That is a long time and lots and lots of Dicks!  
          I decided to give myself a Birthday Dinner at my favorite Italian Cafe.  I've invited all my Fuck Buddies.  And they all are going to join me this evening.  Then I am taking all of them to a private Sex Club..... for whatever.  My plan is to make sure that as a Birthday Present each and every one of them give me a load of Cum one right after the other.  Who could ask for a better gift?


  1. Happy Birthday!
    Such great photos today. Enjoy your Dinner and gifts of Cum!

  2. Happy birthday!
    I couldn't imagine a better gift than what you described


  3. happy birthday!!! we've a lot of things in common!!!

  4. Happy birthday to you! I hope it has been an awesome day for you and that you feel loved and celebrated!

  5. Well, happy belated birthday, Michael! I hope everything went exactly as planned last night... Perhaps you brought them all home with you so you could all celebrate your morning boners together!

  6. Great images to go along with a great celebration! 1 and 10 (hand on ass, finger in hole) are particularly fine!


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