Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Twos for Tuesday

             We were working at the same place.  A sleezy little bar in Chelsea. I had just celebrated my 22 birthday by being the dump for 3 older guys and their Cum.  I loved this little bar.  It was so tiny and so jamed packed some nights that you could not lift your beer to your mouth without rubbing some guy's Dick.
            There was a small back room for sexing with no lights and really tacky leather sofas.  Even though I was an employee, my ass was mostly always available to any and all that wanted it.  My buddy and I would really get into our job some nights!  Both of us on the floor with our Butts in the air.  
           I had not seen him for years and years.  He became rather wealthy after opening his own club in the midwest.  So..when I get a message from him last week....I was floored.  He is coming to town soon and wanted to make sure we got together.  He is bringing his husband with him.  
           I wonder if after all these years his Dick and Butt Hole taste the way I remember?  


  1. Such great photos today!
    I really enjoy the fact that you often give us a look into how you spent your youth.

  2. very exciting words as usual!!!

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