Monday, September 21, 2015

Happy Monday!

                  Good morning my friends!  Wow.... I am so surprised at how many emails I got over the weekend.  I think I answered them all..but if I did not..I will.  
                    So? how was your weekend?  Yesterday for me was really nice.... I did nothing constructive all day.  I went to ghe beach early in the morning and stayed there till almost 2PM.  Came home and while I was showering....William called and invited me to join him and is Blue Haired Twink for dinner.  We went to this wonderful Italian outdoor cafe... and had a great time talking and drinking.  
         The Twink went to the restroom and William told me that he was sort of getting tired of this one....and ready for a second partner to join them.  He said he thinks he wants to have two guys living with him.  As long as they both have great Dicks and are easy Flip Fuckers.  So.... he will be sending Blue Haired Twink out scouting for this guy and to bring him home for a "test drive".
        I love how my friend William is always so matter of fact and gets right to the point.


  1. And, apparently, William also knows that men were not meant to be monogamous... Smart man.

  2. my sunGAY was so full of cum given and received

    have fantastic week

    Xersex &


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