Sunday, September 20, 2015

Yesterday!!!! Ah!!!

                       Doing the sex thing is not a laughing matter..well not usually!  
Good morning my friends.  Thank you for stopping by this sunday morning.   Do you have your Dick out?  Are you planning on lettinghim have some fun today.  Or did you let him do his thing last night?  I hope you did, You know how important it is to keep that Dick of yours happy.
     Well.......yesterday I took the Surfer Dude with me to go visit my wheelchair bound friend.  It is about an hour drive from here to there.  The odd thing was that almost the entire ride Surfer Dude did not say a word.  It seems he was worried that he might not be able to do his job with an "old paralyzed guy"   I assured him that my friend's Dick is in perfect working order and his Ass Hole still can take a Dick for enjoyment.
      So..we get there just around lunch time....we stopped and picked up a bunch of Chinese Carry out.
Bob was in his Boxers sitting on his porch sipping a tall Lemonade & Vodka when we arrived.  I made the introductions and I could tell right away Bob was quite pleased with the play toy I brought. 
     Surfer helped me get the plates from the kitchen and looked at me as he took of his jeans.... "OMG!  Your friend is beautiful!  I thought you said he was old."  Laughed and tol him he is my age.
Anyway...we ate lunch and Surfer could not stop talking all about his Sexual encounters.  Bob was totally enthralled.  And his Dick was totally enjoying the conversation.... he was gettin quite hard in those orange boxers.  And I could telll Surfer was ready to pounce....
    Bob has a sort of electric sling to get him in and out of bed.... well.... yes... you know what is coming.... He is in the sling and Surfer pulls down those boxers and slides his Beautiful Dick up inside Bob's waiting ass.  I really wish I could have taken a photo to post for you all.... but I never post photos of my sex partners.  
  I think those two played around for a good hour before they both Came...and lucky me... I got to lick up both of their Cum.  


  1. Sounds like there was a smile on everyone's face at the end. That's great!

  2. Oh hell yes, sex is awesome. And these dudes are as well. <3

  3. Awesome Sex..WOW that got me precumming like a waterfall!!!. Sexy Dudes in the pics. Love it.

  4. love your love for sex & cum, a feticism we've in common! Yesterday I swallowed from a sexy guy his milk! that's was great!

    Xersex &


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