Thursday, October 8, 2015

Are you ever too old to Fuck?

             Good morning my friends!  As always, I am so happy that you have stopped by.  I was reading my emails late last night and came across one from a regular reader.  I thought I would answer it here.   He said that he realizes that I am an older guy and he wonders if it really appropriate for some one of my age to be out and being slutty and Sexing all the time?
           Well... if you have been reading my Blog for any amount of know that I totally donot agree with that.  Sexing of any kind is very powerful.  It is the life blood of your being.  It not only keeps you physically healthy but it is so good for your soul.  I firmly believe there is no age limit to doing whatever you want and with whomever you wish.  
          No matter how old you get.... If that Dick of yours still tells you he needs some Sex..then by golly let him have what he wants!  And as far as being"Slutty"..well...why not?   Part of the Joy of Sexing is the shear messy and often dirty stuff that happens.  
        Am I wrong?  Let me know how you feel about Sexing as you get older.


  1. Too old for sex? Obviously a fairly young person who thinks that the excitement of life ends mid-age - and finds the thought that his/her parents no longer get it on. Nothing could be further from the truth! As long as your cock stands up, you can and should enjoy it. As long as you are not in a monogamous relationship, you can enjoy your cock with whomever would like to take a romp with you.

  2. Wonderful inspiration. Oh! Me! NEVER too old for sex! Thanks for all you do! Wishing you a wonderful weekend. Cheers, AOM


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