Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Training a new bottom

       How much longer? 
  Just a few minutes. 
 Hurry up and finish.... your Dick hurts.
  Just relax, I'm almost there.  
I can't take it any longer.  
You will take know you like it. 
  I do, I do..but it hurts so much. 
 Lift your legs over my shoulders.  
 Oh..that is better.  Ah yes..much better. 
 Holy Shit! Holy  Fuck! 
 Look at me...look me in the eyes.  
 Ah..go ahead and pound faster...yeah really faster...I'm gonna Cum.  
 Me too! 
 Give me your Cum in my mouth.... I'll give it back to you. 
  See...I told you being a bottom would be fun.  
Wow! Wow! Wow!  You were so right.


  1. You, my friend, are a wonder...

  2. Put those feet in the air! Love it!

  3. Great selection of pix! Thanks for the inspiration. Wishing you all the best. Cheers, AOM


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