Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Twos for a Furry Tuesday

             Good morning guys!  So nice that you have dropped by this morning.  Today is Tuesday and you know I post Twos.   I will admit that i do prefer smooth guys.... but once in awhile a nice furry guy is fun to lick on.  Is it just me or do furry guys smell different than smooth ones?  
             I had a furry guy friend long time ago that was super sweet and down to earth.  He  thought he loved me....I mean really obsessed with it.  I liked him a lot.... we had wonderful sexing times. He was a superb Bottom and a wonderful Top.  I just was not "in love" with him.  I think the real problem for me was he was just too furry.  I would suck on his Dick and spend most of my time pulling hair from my mouth.  
            One evening we had been to some club and were dancing like idiots. All the guys in the place had their shirts off, so did my friend.  He was sweating so much that his chest hair was dripping... but he had such a wonderful scent.  A real "manly" scent.  I looked at him and told him........I was not "in love"..... He looed at me and just said....."let's fuck one more time before I say good bye". 
         His Dick was up my Ass and it felt so good....I think he pounded me for half an hour.  When he finished and put his Soggy Dick away... he turned and just said "Farewell!"  I never saw him again.


  1. Hairy men do carry a more "manly" scent because the hair is kind of like an insulating coat and it traps the body heat - and consequently the odors that go along with it. One fuck buddy I had was a bit on the hairy side and I always told him he needed to shower before he could shove his cock in my face. LOL.

  2. I get man scent from the skin and cum, to tell you the truth!


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