Monday, October 5, 2015


              Good morning!  I hope you had a wonderful sex filled weekend!  Oh... welcome to the new readers.  Anyway.... I had a super relaxing Sunday!  Went to the beach in the morning, Lounged around the apartment naked and hard most of the afternoon.  Late in the afternoon my chubby friend stopped by and got naked with me and we just played for awhile.  This guy is so much fun.  He is willing to try anything!  We were drinking Bloody Marys and I think they went to his head... he started damcing all over the room and took the celery stalk and stuck it up his butt and pulled it out and ate it.   Did we Fuck?  Of course!!  He decided to Cum in my Bloody Mary.... interesting taste.
But I came on his lovely belly and licked it all up!
           What did you do this weekend?  Where to you leave yourCum???


  1. In my younger, single days, when it didn't matter, my cum landed wherever it did...I really didn't much care. In present time, with a wife who would bitch about it, always clean up with a cum rag.

  2. I love to feast on my cum. I hope all is well with you. Thanks for all you bring to us. Wishing you a great day. Cheers, AOM


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