Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sunday Sermon........The essence of men

             Happy Sunday my friends!  I gather from the stats that there are quite a few new readers.  I welcome each and everyone of you. And if I could I would give you a nice dolop of my cum. 
            I love Sunday mornings!   I usually do not have to rush out somewhere. I have plenty of time to have a few extra cups of coffee.  I also have plenty of time to give Da Dick O'Mine  a good solo work out..... He always thanks me with good gobbs of Cum       
           That brings me to today's subject..... The essence of men...  I am not going to preach here this just going to let youknow how I feel.  You can agree with me or not.... but Cumming isthe major essence of men.   And the more you cum the better you feel.  True right?  Cumming alone is wonderful and often so pleasurable you figure why do it with another guy?  Ah..but is that really healthy?  Healthy in a real spiritual way?  I think not.  sure jerking off is super fun... but when you share yourself with another yo have hit another level.
       I am talking about sharing your Cum with another guy.... if it is with a lover..... if it is with a good friend...even if it is with a total stranger.... just sharing your cum in anyway releases deep feeling about who you are.   We men need to Cum often.... it is in our DNA... it is in our total make up.   And it is just so importan to share your creamy load with another.   
     One more thing..... When you are with another guy and he is ready to Cum... don't let him Cum anywhere except in your waiting mouth.... you need to taste this need to also let him taste yours.....
    Ok..... now get out there and share some Cum today..... I plan to do just that.


  1. I just noticed you've changed your blog's address. Cool. :)
    I'll need some time getting used to it, tho!!

    1. Was I wrong with that...? Maybe I messed something up. xD

  2. Cumming isthe major essence of men.

    so true!!!

  3. Yes, to spew a load of cum on a very regular basis is a basic instinct... It is hard-wired into our brains. We should revel in that and take advantage of it - whether jerking off or playing with a partner or spouse. However, I don't need a buddy to cum in my mouth for me to immerse myself in his essence - if he shoots his load on me and it mixes with my own and then our cocks lie together side by side basking in the pools of jizz...that's also soaking up man's essence. Happy Monday, Michael!


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