Monday, November 23, 2015

A naked weekend.

            Good morning my sweet dear readers!  Thank you for dropping by today.  i know you want to hear about my weekend.  Of course you do.  
           First of all...we were blessed with perfect weather so... most of the time we spent out doors.  My friend and I arrived late late Friday night to fine the group in a meditative state circling a lovely fire.  We stripped and sat in.  After an hour or so, we were introduced to each of the others. There were 15 men in total and 2 beautiful "leaders".   They were the only ones that spoke, the rest of us were to keep silent.  We were given a bath, we were given an enema, we were given a dried leaf slapping, we were given a very oily rubdown and lead back outside.
          It was my turn .  I was laying on my stomach on a bed of damp leaves while various hand rubbed my nude body.  The sounds of mantras and the scent of sex totally filled the small clearing.
As I laid there, it was like I was not there.  It was like I had left my body. It was like total Heaven as these hands washed over me.  
       My friend was having his Ass rubbed and licked and filled with Dicks of all shapes and sizes as he was spread out on a low table.  
       Saturday, after a small breakfast of fruit and grains, we spent the day in sitting in a circle and just being, just quiet, just there for the entire afternoon.  By evening each and every one of us were ready to one again enjoy the joy of Cumming.  It was to be a group session.  We took turns tasting each other's Dicks. And one by one eache of us in turn came.  Making sure that no Cum was lost, we were instructed to give our load to the man next to us.  
     I slept curled up with 3 of these wonderful men. And awoke Sunday so refreshed and centered.  We all swam in the stream before another long meditation session. And then one on one  random Sexing.  We each took turns with each other doing what ever felt good. ( i forgot to mention that whenever a Dick was entering a Butt Hole Condoms were imperative.)  
    late Sunday afternoon we sat together and had a meal of mixed roasted veggies. And were allowed to speak for the first time. Mostly we thanked each other for the experience.
    Being totally naked for the entire weekend was so refreshing!  My Dick was happy, my Butt Hole was happy and most of all my Soul was happy!


  1. I enjoyed it but... Oooh, Brandon from SeanCody would've made my weekend so much better.

  2. What an incredible experience! Happy you had such a lovely weekend, and arrived back home safe and sound.

  3. what great weekend!!!! glad you enjoyed it!


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