Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Twos for Tuesday!

               Good morning all!   Yes... I did have an amazing weekend!  Thanks for you comments and emails.  A couple of you wanted to know where this wonderful naked weekend took place.  Well..it is not widely publized. So..if you might be interested email me and I will let you know how to get intouch with the Leader.  queerheaven86@gmail.com  
             One of the many things I took away from the whole experience is something very important.  We are who we are and in order to be sane and centered, we need to accept that and most importantly we need to share our bodies with others as often as possible.  We need not be afraid to do so.  We need to allow our desires to become reality.  
             There are too many guys who know deep down inside that they like Dick and just do nothing about it. there are too many guys who know deep down inside that they like Asses and just donothing about it.  I gather that most of my readers are out and open and enjoy the wonders of Male to Male Sexing.  But there are those of you who are not. And it is time to get yourself out ther and be free!
              It does not matter whose Dick it is..go suck on it. It really does not matter whose Ass you Fuck..just do it.  And do it often.  And.. to me an improtant part of this whole game is to share you Cum with someone.  And in turn enjoy their Cum on your lips and on your tongue.  


  1. Wow! Wonderful photos today. And what you said about sharing, I try my best to spread my cum around.

  2. About cum, le tme say: I can't share my cum at all, because I want it swallowed by my lover, and I don't want to share my lover's cum with anyone: I want to swallow it totally!

  3. The first portrait is a William Higgins treasure for all time, but for me the third (the 1st one appearing on a bed) portrays just adorably endearing "thrust and trust," in the handsomest, ineffably sweetest way. A champagne knock to really pop the cork of pure delight.

  4. Fun stuff! :)
    Enjoyed watching & readin'.

  5. Great post today...and the last several as well, both in terms of photos and dialogue! Of today's photos I really like 10 (hot blond with his cock deep in that juicy ass) and the last (striking image, tantalizing hot hole)!

    1. Impeccably observed and cogently argued, the choice of "10" only omits bottom's grateful tug upon his gluteal, and the elated glow of his cockhead in escape from its swaddling sheath. Here, surely, no confusion of the element of consent is presented, to exult in his goring upon the gliding horn. But in #10, you're even more level-headed, the heat of the hole abundantly verified in posture, perineum, swaying swag and silken defile, and redoubled in exertion by the leverage of the flaring limbs and the lock of the powerful arm upon the flexing leg. This could be Michelangelo, or "studio of," as the godshaft parses the luxuriant pods of penispeace. Your selections stir the soul, to say the least.


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