Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Wednesday thoughts

            Good morning my dear friends!  Well..... my old and most spectacular friend left town last night.  It was an amazing reunion.  After so many years apart.... his Dick looked the same and tasted the same and felt the same when he Fucked me often over the time he was here.   Such wonderful spiritual and sexual friends are hard to come by.  I wish him well as he goes back to his life of solitude and meditation.
            I often wonder why so many guys shave off their beautiful Pubic Hair....a nice trim is ok..but not totally shaved.
            I often wonder why some guys are affraid of being a Bottom. Are they afraid of being less than a man?
           I often wonder why so many guys think that a Dick has to be big and fat and long.....little ones work just as well.
          I often wonder why some guys refuse to swallow that lucious Cum.
          I often wonder why some guys are so timid about being naked in public.
          I often wonder why It is so hard for some guys to be honest and true.
 Just some thoughts today!

One of my faithful readers sent this one


  1. I ask many of those same questions... Particularly the one about being naked in public. As I explained to my mother many years ago, "It's what I was born with. It's supposed to be there. Why am I supposed to be ashamed of it?"

  2. love yout thoughts!!!

    happy Thanksgiving Day

  3. These portraits make one so conscious of the lovely pithy penisdelta crowning these dicks, and we especially welcome the chiseled first cockhead in juxtaposition with a luscious testicle, geometry more eloquent sometimes than deeds, to frame our famished thirst. Precious and plush, dangling lush, they bring to a hush our pursuit of their gush. Sumptuous.

  4. Excellent post! I loved the pic from one of your followers. Nice! Happy Thanksgiving! Sending lots of love!


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