Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

           Good morning my sweet friends!  Where ever you are I will wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.
I personally have tons to be thankful for. Isn't that we are suposed to do on this day? Be thankful/
So........Here is my list in no special order of thankfulness... but I will say before I begin... I am most thankful for being an out open GAY man!

         That at my age Da Dick O' Mine still works.    My buddies who like to Fuck as much as I do.
Thanks for Tall, thin guys with long Cut Dicks and low hanging Balls.   I am grateful for these Buddies of mine who open thier Asses and let me in sometimes.   I am so thankful for full bushy Pubic Hair.  
         Thank you for slightly furry Ass Holes.   Thanks to that neighbor guy who sucks any Dick that stops by his place.  A special thanks to that Trashy Bar where I know I can always find a willing STR8 Dick to Suck on.  
        I am thankful for the lucious taste of unwashed and sweaty Balls.  I am thankful for  the taste of thick creamy Cum. I am thankful for those Butt Holes that taste like honey. I am thankful for sweaty Armpits.
        I am thankful for Waiter Guy's Amazing Dick. I am thankful for Randy's Super Tight Hole.  I am thankful for My Chubby Friend who has often brought me his friends to Fuck.  
       I am super thankful to my dear friend William and all his wonderful Rentboi Parties. And the fact that he shares his unbelievably sexy Blue Haired Boyfriend with each of us.
     Yep! This old Queer has lots to be thankful for.  And a very special thanks to you, my faithful readers.  With out you there would be no reason for this Blog.


  1. Love your post and photos today. One of the things I am thankfull for is your blog. it has helped me be so more more open about my sexuality.

  2. Elegant images, great thoughts! I'm thankful for your blog and the excellent influence it has on my sexing! Happy Thanksgiving!


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