Monday, November 30, 2015

Monday follow up!

      3AM Monday......I wake up, that Dude with the Dick is pounding my ass hole again.
                                   He does not Cum...he leaves that Dick of his in my hole and falls asleep.
      5AM Monday......I wake up again, That Dick is still hard and stuck in me. I pull it out, remove the    condom and enjoy the taste. I enjoy its cut head. I enjoy the shaft. I hear a moan.  I let him Cum and swallow every last bit.  I lick up the rest off that Dick.  He rolls over and is asleep again.
      7AM Monday....."one last Fuck before I leave"  He is in me again, this time we are on the floor.
      8AM Monday..... My Butt Hole is totally red and soar as I write this.  How many times did he Fuck me over the weekend?  I lost count!  I look around my little apartment.... what a disaster... Carry out containers are in a pile next to empty bottles of Vodka. The ashtrays are full of withered cigarettes and spent joints. The bed sheets are still slightly wet from him sweat. And the whole place smells like  Cum and Piss and LIFE!   And me?   I am ready to face the week with a weekend's worth of his Cum in my system.  ..... Such is Joy!


  1. You had a really good weekend! All the dick you could savor! Plus, you gave a dude a place to rest, keep warm, and some really good sex. Hope the rest of your week goes as well!

  2. Theme: "lay me down". :)
    I enjoyed the weekend, that's for sure.

  3. so nice experience you had. With a lot of cum in your system, you made some sementherapy


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