Sunday, December 20, 2015

Sexing..and Sexing...and Sexing!

Good morning!
            Hmmm!  Sunday morning here, I just got home a little while ago.  Da Dick and I had a wonderful time with my buddies Friday night and all day Saturday.  Randy had to work a double shift so he could not make it. But Waiter Guy and my Chubby Buddy did.  They each brought a friend. 
            We checked into the hotel Friday afterwork and started the nakedness right away.  And so did the Vodka.  As always Da Dick O'Mine was so pleased to meet two new Dicks.  One was tall thin very smooth except for a massive pubic bush surrounding a lovely long Cut Dick.  The other one was short stocky and furry all over.  His Dick was also Cut and seemed not to get soft the entire time we were there.
         Waiter Guy's Butt hole was used by each one of us in turn.  He just laid there and laughed the entire time.  Chubby Guy brought a bag full of "toys" including a Dildo that was so long and so fat that only one of the new guys was willing to try it.   I tried just the tip of that thing and gave up.
          We spent a good part of Saturday afternoon hanging at the Hotel Pool.  Then..back to business..more sucking and fucking and just totally enjoying ourselves.
           My dear readers, no matter your age...if you have never hosted or been to a "sexing weekend"..then you MUST call a buddy or three and do it.  It is so liberating. So wonderful. 

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