Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Twos for Tuesday

          I love it when Da Dick O'Mine slides in a wet furry Ass Hole. I enjoy it immensely.  I love pounding deep and feeling so in charge.  But.... the feeling of letting a buddy into my Hole.... well, it just seems much more real.  That feeling of being stuffed so full you are sure you are going to explode. That hurtful feeling that feels so good.  That feeling that you need to take a moment to understand exactly what is happening.  This is pure Heaven...Pure Queer Heaven!
       I know from the comments and emails that there are some of you who just do not Bottom... that is ok if that is how you want to play your game.  But, I really believe that you should at least give it a try.  If you tried it once and it was not good.... try it again with a different Dick..that might make the difference. Truly, there is nothing more wonderful than to Flip Fuck.  
     Last night The Dude with the Dick let me do exactly that to him.  I was fingering his Hole, I was licking his Hole and in a very,very quiet voice he said "no me jodas por favor".  I've been here in Miami long enough to understand the Spanish.   I slid Da Dick O'Mine in and..... well....it was so much fun watching his face.  He even screamed " Mas, Mas, Mas"
    Now guys.... that is truly enjoying life. 


  1. It's never felt good to me. Maybe it is the talent(s) of the guys who've tried, but... External prostate stimulation, I love that though.

  2. I'm only top!

    cummed back


  3. Nothing like a good fucking to release some tension. I need some good dick right about now

  4. Flip flop fucks are the best! Such a connection between the two. Love that you are having fun with your new friend!


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