Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Twos for Tursday

            Good morning guys!  Thanks for dropping by today.  Just a short post this Tuesday. Have you ever had sex with a set of twins?  I've done a lot of sexing,but never had the pleasure of Twins.  My long time readers will remember my fuck buddy brothers Max and Marc.  The were not twins but the are only a year apart and almost look like twins.  And sexing with them was always so much fun.  The thing that I always found interesting was that their Dicks were almost exactly alike. And there lovely Butt Holes were totally different.  Max could take the largest, fattest Dick up in there whereas Marc had to struggle to get a small Dick inside.   OMG these guys were fun!   But they moved away to live together as lovers in a town where no one really knows they are brothers. 


  1. Never had the pleasure of playing with twins, or a pair of brothers for that matter...I think it would be very cool.

  2. Great set of twos....last one is just such a great shot!

  3. you should know the Milo and Eljiah Peters Twins, who make sex together living like husbands! They've have all my support and esteem!


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