Saturday, January 2, 2016

Can life get any better?

          I had not been to this sleazy little bar for a long time. I knew lots of rentbois hang out there. I was in the mood for a good young rentboi.  I saw him. Yes that is the one.  
         As I began to pull down his boxers, I could smell him.  As I began to take this New Soft Cut Dick in my mouth, I could taste that he had already had this Dick in an Ass Hole.  As my nose snuggled into his massive Pubic Bush, I got the heady scent of not quite dried Cum.
         I am on my knees, this Dick in my mouth, it's head is salty. I can taste drops of piss. I can feel it growing.  I take these shaved Balls in my hand and squeeze tight as I suck.  He needs to piss...I let him fill my mouth.  The warm Piss dripps down my chin and on to my chest. 
        My undies are off, my Dick is getting hard as i suck on this Dick. I feel a finger on my Ass. It is his friend. I relax and open my hole so this new Dick can enter.  I feel the pressure as he enters. Amazingly all three of us came ant almost the exact moment.  When His Dick was out of my mouth and the other Dick was out of my Ass... I asked their names...."we are Bob and Allan and if you like we can do this again sometime"
                A Dick in my mouth and a Dick in my butt. Can life as a Queer get any better?


  1. It's good to be the center of attention! LOL!

  2. Hey buddy! :)

    Hope we see each other even more this year. And let's make it a good one. ^_^

  3. "A Dick in my mouth and a Dick in my butt. Can life as a Queer get any better?"

    you seem forgetting cum, into your mouth and stomach!


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