Sunday, January 3, 2016

Sunday Sermon......Thinking back to 2015


       As I sit here with my Dick semi hard and my Butt Hole a little red from last night, I think back on the last year.   Was it a good year?  I must say mostly it was.  Was is it a year worth while?  I must say mostly it was.  Did I have some fun?  You bet I did!  Did I have some sadness? Like everyone of you I had some saddnest.  
       The highpoints last year definitely include meeting My Chubby Buddy and his insatiable lust for Dick.  Also that Beautiful Dick that stayed at my place for 2 weeks of pure and non stop sexing.  Reuniting with my Buddhist Buddy after so many years apart and realizing that sex with him was still  the most amazing soul cleansing experience.   And I will totally admit that I am so grateful that I still, even at this older age can be as slutty as I was when I was a teen.  
     My biggest sadness was that my dear sweet Fuck buddies Max & Marc moved away.. I will always remember how amazing these guys are.
        So? How was your year?  Were you able to allow your Dick to do whatever it wants?  Were you able to allow yourself to be the gay person you know you should be?  Did you Cum at least once a day?  


  1. Happy New Year QH! Thank you for the past year of wonderful photos and most of all your "sexing" stories. They have helped me realize that I can also be as "slutty" as I want. Cheers!

  2. I didn't "cum at least once a day" in 2015, but I will work on that resolution for 2016!

  3. Hot hot hot hot! Super hot, actually. :D

  4. last pic: "the best part of friends"
    looks meaning like is cum!


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